Heineken deal to buy local Bahamas brewery

It was a big issue in the market when the news came about the acquisition of Burns House Ltd.
and Commonwealth Brewery by Heineken. The Association of Bahamian Distillers and Brewers
(ABDAB) played an important role of that acquisition deal and worked closely with Heineken on
the legal issue of such a large payout plan. A source said “Such a public share offering with
Heineken as the controlling interest would be very exciting, of that there can be no doubt. At
the end of the day look at the market for liquor and beer, in some ways this would be like
printing money”

No official announcement was made while both parties were in the discussion to come up an
agreed point. Though, the Managing Director of Burns House Group confirmed as “We are still
in discussions with our partners.”

That deal was in the waiting phase for government approval, once agreed by the both parties
and the approximate value of that buyout was more than $100 million. Rafael Benavente, the
Managing Director of Citi Special Situations and a close partner of Finlayson Family and ABDAB
said “Our Capital has been instrumental in achieving this outcome.”

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